Spring Clean Your Yoga Practice

Spring is {FINALLY} here! Temperatures are starting to climb and our bodies and minds are ready to shed the heavy energy of winter.

We’re naturally inspired to de-clutter our homes and start the season with a fresh, light perspective. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to stop there - our physical and emotional bodies can benefit from a refreshing cleanse as well.

Here are some of the ways you can rejuvenate this spring:


Refresh Your Yoga Practice

Sun Salutations

Improve circulation and stimulate lymph flow throughout the entire body. Rhythmic sun salutations encourage a mindful connection between breath and movement, while building heat and awakening stagnant energy to awaken your entire system.


Breathing into a twisted pose gently stimulates the digestive system, while releasing and toning the core stabilizing muscles. Move into twisted poses with a long spine to encourage a more balanced rotation throughout each vertebra.


Gentle backbends stimulate the adrenal glands and energize the body. Simple heart openers like cow pose, sphinx, bridge, and camel pose can help open the chest, shoulders and spine.

Forward Folds

The wakeful energy of spring can turn chaotic if not balanced with a deep presence of the shifting seasons. A grounding forward fold not only helps us root down toward the earth and turn inward, but will stretch the entire back body.


Refresh Your Practice Space

De-Clutter Your Yoga Room

Whether you have an entire room {unlikely in New York City!} or a corner of a room next to the litter box, the space where you practice yoga should feel sacred. Take some time to vacuum the floor and remove unnecessary clutter. Light a yummy scented candle or burn some incense. Place your favorite mala beads or an inspirational quote where you can see it. Take the time to make your practice environment clean and beautiful, and that care will translate into your practice.


Deep Clean Your Mat

When's the last time you gave your yoga mat the deep clean it deserves? Over time, mats will get covered in sweat, oils, bacteria and dirt. For my DIY-ers out there, a simple solution of water, vinegar, and tea tree oil will do the trick. If you're like me and prefer a yummy-scented concoction made by the professionals, check out Mind Over Lather's all natural mat spray. My personal favorite is the "Lavender Mint" scent! Spray generously, wipe down with a damp cloth, and hang dry.


Refresh Your Intentions

By the time spring rolls around, our New Year's resolutions are often a distant memory. A check in is a great time to remind yourself of your goals and intentions for the year, and to decide how you can stay {or get back on} track. Try journaling or meditating on your vision for the rest of the year ahead, or creating a vision board to stay inspired.


Do you have other spring cleaning practices to share? Comment below!