5 Powerful Benefits of Private Yoga

Did you know that if you trace the history of yoga back far enough, group classes didn't even exist? When yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago, it was traditionally taught as a 1-on-1 practice between student and teacher. As yoga became more mainstream in recent years, group classes began to form to accommodate the increasing demand.

While I enjoy the collective energy and motivation of a group class, I have to argue that ancient yogis knew what they were talking about! Private yoga presents many benefits to you as a student, a few of which include:

1. You will build a strong foundation for your personal yoga practice.

For beginner yogis, learning basic postures and breathing techniques literally lays the foundation for your practice. A skilled private teacher will guide you through safe and precise alignment for common poses, and reinforce proper technique as you progress. Forming good habits from the beginning is absolutely essential, and will help you avoid injuries or imbalances down the road.

2. You get to move at your own pace.

One of the inherent flaws of a group setting is the lack of flexibility (no pun intended!) in the pace of the class. Teachers will do their best to lead a moderately paced class that accommodates everyone, but it's impossible to cater to each student's needs. In a private setting, your breath is the metronome that guides us between poses and creates space while holding them.

Your unique body and personal goals will also guide the pace at which you progress in your practice over time. A great teacher will meet you where you are and guide you gently toward more complex or difficult poses as you become ready.

3. You can work effectively with injuries, chronic conditions, or specific goals.

Most teacher training curriculums cover the basic knowledge needed to work with specific injuries and ailments that are common to a yoga studio. However, a private teacher who specializes in a certain injury or condition will be more effective and knowledgeable in that area.  If you have a herniated disc, are pregnant, or want to get flexible to improve your golf game, working 1-on-1 is the safest and most effective way to reach your goals. Here's the best part -- you can transfer the skills you learn into a group setting or a sustainable home practice!

4. You are held accountable for your yoga practice.

Chances are, nobody at your local studio is going to give you a hard time if you miss a couple weeks of class. Procrastinators beware!! This is a really easy way to start off with the best intentions, and end up flaking out more than you wanted. If you are like me and tend to dive into a new fitness goal with fervor, only to then waiver in dedication, then private yoga is a great way to hold yourself accountable. I count on my private clients as much as they count on me, and it's that balance that keeps us both in check.

5. Your busy schedule doesn't have to stop you from finding time to practice.

As anybody in the Big Apple will attest to, you are hustling from the moment your alarm goes off to the minute your head hits the pillow. After a grueling subway commute or a long day's work, it can be daunting to find the motivation to hit the gym or show up for a yoga class. With private sessions, your practice (and teacher) can come to you! I love taking the burden off of my clients so they can just hop into some comfortable clothes and start.

If you're ready to take the next step and work with me, fill out a quick application here. I like to make sure that I'm the right teacher for you so you can get the most out of our sessions together, and this will make sure we are the perfect fit! If you have more questions about private yoga, feel free to visit my info page here, or send me a note at renee@reneejuneyoga.com. See you on the mat!