Spring Clean Your Yoga Practice

Spring is {FINALLY} here! Temperatures are starting to climb and our bodies and minds are ready to shed the heavy energy of winter.

We’re naturally inspired to de-clutter our homes and start the season with a fresh, light perspective. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to stop there - our physical and emotional bodies can benefit from a refreshing cleanse as well.

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Why Savasana?

Savasana is like Hawaiian pizza. Most people either love it or hate it. While this restful pose is pure bliss to some, it can be extremely challenging for others to settle into this deep conscious relaxation.

Physically, Savasana is an uncomplicated pose; however that simplicity doesn’t mean it’s easy. - Anna Coventry

Typically used to complete an asana practice, savasana or "corpse pose" is arguably one of the most important and underrated poses in yoga. Building in 5-10 minutes for savasana is worth reaping these benefits...

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Renee Kennedy YogaComment
Prenatal Yoga :: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

You're taking your prenatal vitamins and folic acid. You've made notes in the margins of the latest "What to Expect" book. You created an account on "The Bump" and are excited about your registry and list of potential names. But how are you keeping the anticipation of baby's arrival from creating stress in your mind and tension in your body?

Prenatal yoga has the capacity to ease physical aches and pains, offer emotional resiliency through breathing techniques, and educate expecting moms about pregnancy and birth.So how can yoga encompass all of these facets? Let's break it down.

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