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About Renee

Renee believes that the practice of yoga has the capacity to align body and mind, by way of the breath. After finding herself uninspired and unfulfilled on the corporate ladder, she took a job at a local yoga studio and immersed herself in the practice. In 2012, she completed a 200-hour vinyasa based teaching certification at Kaia Yoga and never looked back. Her love of learning has driven Renee to complete additional trainings in Prenatal / Postnatal, Restorative, Yin, and Private Yoga, and she is currently enrolled in a 108-hour functional anatomy and kinesiology course. Her in-depth studies constantly inform and evolve her teaching, so she is able to deliver a dynamic practice to her students in both private and group settings.

Renee lives and works in New York City as an independent yoga teacher, and specializes in private and corporate yoga. She creates customized 1-on-1 sessions and delivers the practice right to her clients in their homes and offices. Having been on the corporate path for years, Renee has an appreciation for the physical aches and pains and high stress associated with an office environment. By bringing a yoga practice directly to employees in an office environment, she is excited to help others decrease physical pain and stress, while enhancing mental clarify and focus.